MB.BS., MRCPsych., Dip.Couns.
Dr Russell Razzaque is a London based psychiatrist with eighteen years experience in adult mental health. He has worked for a number of distinguished national and international organisations during his career including the University of Cambridge, the UK Home Office and Ministry of Justice, and he currently works in the NHS in east London. He is also a published author in human psychology and has written columns for several publications including The Independent, The Guardian and Psychology Today.

Dr Razzaque's special interests and particular fields of research are mindfulness, Open Dialogue and the connection between mysticism and mental health. He has written a book that brings these together entitled, Breaking Down Is Waking Up; Can Psychological Distress Be A Gateway To Spiritual Awakening? He runs several projects to promote mindfulness and spiritual connection in both clients & clinicians alike, and he also delivers regular lectures & workshops around the country.
Mindful Moment Training

Mindful Moment Training is designed as a basic level introduction to mindfulness. It is a free online self-help resource available for anyone to use as a means of establishing their own regular personal mindfulness practice. It consists of a brief introduction to meditation with a fully guided short meditation, together with tips of how to build up from there to a practice that can be integrated into your daily lifestyle. 

The College of Mindful Clinicians

The College of Mindful Clincians is an association of healthcare professionals with a committment to cultivating compassion through the regular practice of mindfulness meditation and mindful living. It provides training in mindfulness through regular Mindfulness Based Professional Development retreats as well as longer term peer-to-peer support.

The Delphi Foundation

The Delphi Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation established to promote peer led support services in mental health. The aim is to facilitate the development of peer centres and communities that help service users support one another and ultimately gain independence from mental health services. These centres will offer a range of services and skills that will help peers to support themselves and gain longer term stability, through alternatives to hospitalisation and acute mental health care.

Awakening Workshops

Dr Razzaque also runs workshops and retreats on mindfulness and related practices for the purpose of spiritual awakening, which can be can be arranged on an on-demand basis. To make a request for, or help organise a workshop, retreat, or lecture in your area please make contact via the link below.